Ground Control ll

Go to hell, uh, go to fuck, they did a great work with the Czech localization. Even though only the game texts are translated it is more important that the ,,aduItness“ of the game was emphasized and the game was released the same day with the rest of the world. The ,,aduItness“ mentioned above is shown in the exact translation of the vulgar and rough conversations between soldiers. English speaking gamers may be annoyed by hearing English voices and reading Czech texts but their complaints are pointless: we are convinced that the translation is not worse than the original in any way.

Warcraft III

Last but not least we have to mention the complete Czech localization made by true professionals… ln simple terms — if that is how you like it then don’t hesitate.

Syberia II

We are happy to see a lot of sensitively translated adventure specific sentences that can’t had been translated word by word I because their meaning would have changed completely. Thanks to that the game keeps its former atmosphere (which is made mostly by the dialogues). We have obviously found a few minor bugs too, but that makes no difference (in some cases a formal sentence should have been replaced by and informal one etc.). I have to rate the overall quality of the Czech Syberia ll localization with A+.

Codename Panzers
I haven’t noticed any remarkable mistakes but one. There were missing subtitles in one of the cinematic. On the contrary i have to praise the translators that they haven’t translated the units` call signs in the radio communication. So we don’t have to worry about the messages like ,,HelIo Soap! There is a Vine!“ and so on.

Vietcong ll

The translation is done superbly. Although we could find several minor bugs, in general the Czech translation of Vietcong 2 works great.